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THPR (The Hedgehog Program Registry) is part of The Hedgehog Program, which is an online international research & education platform based in The Netherlands. It’s founded by Judith Bos in 2011 and has grown a large community through the years. The registry is focussed on having an international platform that also allows people who don’t speak English to register and keep track of their hedgehogs pedigrees as well as English natives to do so.


In a lot of club, there’s a hierarchy deviding approved breeders and others. In THPR we think it’s important not to have that hierarchy. It often leads to discussions not about the animal husbandry but personal attacks, which are not leading to better understanding of the animals. Therefore in THPR, we do not have approved breeders.


THPR is all about transparency. No we’re not sharing your pedigrees with others as that would be disturbing your privacy, so don’t worry. But we are very clear in what we want to achieve and how. The guidelines are still present for those who want to have some rules to work with whilst gaining experience, but it’s not controled who holds on to them and who doesn’t. Which doesn’t say we won’t take action when we see animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment.


THPR also stands for having a lot of different opinions in regards to breeding, housing and other things n relation to animal husbandry. THPR knows this and is fully flexible and understandable. We like to learn more and keep learning through the years so we can enhance the overal animal husbandry. Rest assured, we don’t judge you for following your countries standards.


The registry hasn’t officially aired yet, but we like to keep you updated on everything that is going on. We like to point out that whilst the website is in testing mode, you might come across pages that you are unable to visit or that remain empty for the time being. Recheck this page for regular updates on the developement of the registry website!

Issue uploading cover photo or profile picture?

Some of our members had issues with uploading their profile picture or cover photo. We haven’t been able to fix the issue yet. If you have this issue and can’t seem to work it out on your own, please contact us at and include the pictures and your account name and/or email adress so we can add the pictures from the back-end of the website to your profile. We sincerely appologise for the inconvenience […]

Testing phase of the registry

As you are currently reading through the website, the registry is still under a testing phase. You can become a regular member, but you will not be accepted as a registrar unless you are in the testing group. Unfortunately, applications for that group are currently closed. Member perks As a user without being logged in, you will be able to visit most pages on the website that hold information about the registry itself. However, you […]

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