THP Registry is a global registry system for hedgehogs and tenrecs in which owners and breeders can track lineage on an open platform, including pedigrees, weights, health, previous owners and much more. We also keep track of a database of global breeders with their initials, called the World Initials Database.

Why should i use a registry?

Even if you are using a software to keep track of your hedgehogs, chances are you don’t have the same amount of insight on animals in the background of your pedigrees. A registry that shows all of the information including everything that has been added to background animals, to increase your insight even over generations. You can also see which animals are related through certain animals in the background as they’re all linked together. If you export or import from another country, you will still have that amount of insight if the breeder is also using the same registry! The more breeders use a registry, the more information will be available and together we can create a network of pedigrees and improve the overall health and well-being on the animals.

A huge plus to THP Registry is, that all of the data is anonymously used for research, improving the amount of information about their genetics, health, weights and other topics to improve the overall well-being of the species in captivity. We also have the service to make genetic calculations for you and through The Hedgehog Program, we also provide educational articles and courses to improve your knowledge about there animals. And aside from all hedgehog species, we also offer the same services for tenrec breeders! So you’ll have all of your animals in the same system.

How do i become a registrant?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are not yet participating on this registry. First, please register an account so you can access the pedigree database and all other functions, because without an account you are not able to upload pedigrees nor see the registered pedigrees.

If you want to become a registrant and add your pedigrees to our system, you can apply for initials through our contact form. If you are American, please apply for initials with the AHC prior to filling out the form on our system. This way, your information will be properly registered with both parties! Though it’s not mandatory, we do recommend using their services too.

After applying for your initials, you will receive an email with the link to your database and a link to the submission forms. When you receive that email, you can begin registering your animals using the submission forms. Your initials will also be added to the World Initials Database. Registered animals are found in the Pedigree Database. you need to be logged in to see the pedigrees and there is no personal information visible online, to protect your privacy. Your personal information is solely used so we can contact you in case we need extra information about and animal or about your membership. We do not give out any personal information to third parties unless legally neccesary.

You can refer to the regulations page to read our policies.

What are all those abbrevations on the pedigrees for?

On our online pedigrees, we use abbrevations like APH 01 11 21 (EMS codes) to point out the color of an animal without needing to write out the entire color name. This also prevents members from changing the color names to anything outside of the recognised color system we use, based upon the genetics research done by The Hedgehog Program. You can have color names and EMS codes added, using the submission form linked with the EMS codes page.

We also use abbrevations like COI, AVK, PC and ECG in our database. These are abbreviations used for determining how much inbreeding is present in a pedigree. You can read the genetic statistics page to see what these abbreviations mean and how they work.

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