Submit colors to be recognised

On the registry we use colors that are either recognised through genetics or colors that aren’t recognised through genetics, but are otherwise seen as a valid color that steadily inherits between parents and young. In order to grant others the option to submit colors to become recognised through genetics OR unrecognised but valued a color/pattern, we have made a page where you can fill out a form to submit colors for evaluation.

If you have a color that pops up often and is not yet listed in the EMS code list, please fill out the form below entirely and submit. We try to give you an answer within 3 months, but we might ask additional questions before concluding to add the color to the list or not. This is because validating colors is complicated process and we like to try to research genetic sources behind them.

Please make sure to describe genetic underlayment as well as motivation very thouroughly.

Genetic underlayment

Color name



Please upload pictures according to the description of the tooltips. To get a color or pattern recognised, it is very important to follow these guidelines very accurately. Wrong pictures could get your submission dismissed.

Please upload a picture face-front of the hedgehog/tenrek.
Please upload a close-up image of the eye.
Please upload a close-up of the skin and fur or quills.
Please upload an image of a female and male in the same color, with the same background, on one picture.
Please upload an image of two animals of the same color in lighter and in darker lighting, with the same background.

Color standard

A color standard is a basic description of how a color looks. Please specify each question.

Are there wild white quills which do not belong to Pinto, Snowflake, White or Doublewhite? Wild quills are longer than normal quills and are hard to miss on solid animals.

Compared to other species

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