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THP Registry is stopping!

Hi everyone, As you might have read on our business page and the Facebook group, THP Registry is permanently ending its service as a global registry and will cease to exist. This is due to multiple reasons including financial reasons, but the most prominent reason being the drama revolving the registry. Over the years i have done everything, gone above and beyond for people to educate them, advice them and help them on various subjects. […]

Temporarily closed!

THP Registry is temporarily closed due to vacation! Between june 25th and july 5th, we will not be able to process any submissions due to this as we are off getting married! After july 5th, we will be more then happy to process every submission in high speed, so don’t be afraid to send in new submissions.

Happy new year!

After a short closure of the registry, i am very excited to tell you all that the registry is back to business! I’ve improved some issues with the calculators in the Premium section and also had a major amount of time to get to work on publishing the pedigree pages of the background animals. This will take a few more weeks to complete however, so bear with me as i go through the entire database […]

Added: Breeder certificates!

Good news registrants! We have added breeder certificates to show off where you register your pedigrees. Our current registrants have already gotten their certificates in their email and new registrants will get theirs upon registering their initials with THP Registry. As the registry grows, we are getting more and more requests to improve and we are more than happy to listen and help! Do you have any ideas to improve? Email us at!

Registry is back online!

After two days of intensive change, the registry is back up and running again! There have been a few changes, the overal look of the website being the main one, but there are more changes which we’ll sum up below. Menu restrictions We’ve inserted menu restrictions per group, which means, the menu changes along with your membership status. If you’re not logged in, you will only be able to see the basic informational pages about […]

The registry is temporarily unavailable

Due to a drastic change to the look and the experience of the website, the registry is temporarily unavailable until Wednesday July 8th, 2020 at 12pm UTC+1. The new look is made to be able to use a blog on the front page, seperate from the pedigree database. The menu will change as well. We are inserting menu restrictions so regular members can’t see the content meant for Premium Members and vice versa. This way […]