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Clubs & registries

THP Registry is always open for a collaboration with other registries and clubs! Rather than being eachother opponent, we like to have a big community in which education and transparancy are key words. A few local clubs and registries have let us know they want to collaborate and we are eager to introduce them.

All breeders that have joined a collaborating club or registry are free to register as a member and join the registrars group. Breeders registering in another registry can enjoy the perks of being a listed registrar and enjoy the closed off pages that regular members have no access to, without registering their hedgehogs with us. You can also choose to register with both registries and have your hedgehogs registered on THP registry with their original registration numbers.

Collaborating registries

Registr jezku

The first Czech hedgehog registry has agreed upon a collaboration! If you want to register your hedgehog with this registry, please visit their website for more info! Breeders outside Czech Republic also welcome to join!

Critter Connection

Critter Connection has agreed on a colaboration! This registry is ideal for American and Canadian breeders. If you want to register your hedgehog with this registry, please check out their website for more info!


No clubs have shown their interest yet. If you want a club page and group made, please contact us for more information!

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