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This map only shows the breeders and rescue centers that have joined THP Registry. When clicking on a breeders pin, you’ll see a menu on the left side with links to their profile and their database. On the bottom of this page, you’ll also see a list of the breeders active on THP Registry. If you click their names, you will be redirected to their pedigree databases.

Participating breeders

RegionAffixHedgery nameNotes
North AmericaVALLVallis ErinaceiStopped breeding
EuropeOUCHOuchmouse HouseStopped breeding
EuropeHOTHMJudith BosPrev. Hedgery of the High Moors
North AmericaQLLWQuillow Hedgehogs
EuropeCBPHCactus babies pygmy hedgehogs
North AmericaQSHHQuill Shire Hedgehogs
North AmericaHITPHedgehogs in the Pines
EuropeQATQuils and Thrills
EuropeMMIMimi Hedgies
North AmericaHDMHDynamic Hedgehogs
EuropeWATOKIWatoki Hogs
North AmericaCHPHHedgepig Hotel Hoglets
EuropeEIGEmilies Pindsvin
North AmericaHHUTHedgie Hut
EuropeNJSNot Just Spikes
North AmericaLAHÉlevage Les Amours HérissonsPrev. La Herissoniere de Montreal
EuropeSTTHedgery Stitch
EuropeZPNZempléni Hedgies
EuropeTZTinyZoo Hedgehogs
North AmericaPTNZPotenza Exotics
EuropeHHAVHog Haven
North AmericaLCEXLC Exotics
North AmericaAFHHHope's Happy HomesteadPrev. Ab Fabs Happy Hogs
EuropeDEVIHedgery Dèvi
North AmericaHIGHHighland Hedgies
EuropeIGIgielnik Hedgehogs & Tenrecs Breeding
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