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Worldwide Initials Database

This is the worldwide initials database collected with the help of the AHC, IHA, IHR, WHA, Czech registr and THP. We are trying to keep this database as up-to-date as possible with monthly checks in all other databases.

Applying for an affix, a step-by-step guide

  1. Read these articles and pages about breeding, registering and becoming a reputable breeder: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. Come up with a name for your hedgery.
  3. Find a mentor! Someone who has at least 3 years of experience in breeding and is available preferably 24/7 in case of emergency.
  4. Buy hedgehogs with pedigrees that are suitable for breeding and are unrelated and healthy.
  5. Set up a Facebook page and/or website for your hedgery with information about your hedgehogs, your policies and prices, your litters and your enclosures and include some basic informational pages about how to care for hedgehogs in captivity.
  6. Apply for an affix here: THP Registry (Globally), AHC (USA and Canada), Critter Connection (USA and Canada), Registr jezku (Czech & surrounding countries) or Internatioanl Hedgehog Association (Globally).
  7. Register your bought hedgehogs.
  8. When breeding, register your litters.

Worldwide Initials Database

APLAnimal Paradise LužekCzech Republic
BSKBeami SahrakCzech Republic
BWBBy White BelliesCzech Republic
CRLCarallsaCzech Republic
CROFrom the wallsCzech Republic
DRMHedgehog DreamCzech Republic
ECLEclipseCzech Republic
JABPod JabloniCzech Republic
OPUOpuntiaCzech Republic
PKHPod Knezi HorouCzech Republic
PKLPod KalichemCzech Republic
RDWRed WitchCzech Republic
MIMIMimi HedgiesHungary
MMIMimi HedgiesHungary
ZEMPZempléni HedgiesHungary
HOTHMHedgery of the High MoorsThe Netherlands
NJSNot Just SpikesNorthern Ireland
MFNMifan HedgiesPoland
COLComedy of LifeSlovenia
EMRErizos Minor Slovenia
JZOJežkove očiSlovenia
SSHSweet Spiky HedgiesSlovenia
WLHWonderland HedgiesSlovenia
ARCArcticFrost Hedgehogs United Kingdom
DAGHDaggsys HedgehogsUnited Kingdom
ENHRogue hogz hedgehogsUnited Kingdom
HBSHHarbourside HedgehogsUnited Kingdom
HPOPHuffy Pops hedgehogsUnited Kingdom
JAGJaggy babiesUnited Kingdom
NLRHauxley HedgehogsUnited Kingdom
PETPethau Pigog HedgehogsUnited Kingdom
POPPoppy hedgehogsUnited Kingdom
PRPPresleys PrickliesUnited Kingdom
QATQuills and ThrillsUnited Kingdom
REPReptile Shed United Kingdom
KWHReptile Shed United Kingdom
SHYShifty hedgehogsUnited Kingdom
SQASquazlehogs United Kingdom
TGYTiggyHogs United Kingdom
TTSTiny TikesUnited Kingdom
OUCHOuchmouse HouseUnited Kingdom
STTHedgery StitchThe Netherlands
HNNHedgery of the High MoorsThe Netherlands
JSTJacobine StueopdrætDenmark
LYLLyL HedgehogsDenmark
AEWRainbow HedgehogsUnited Kingdom
AffixHedgery Country
VALLVallis Erinacei
ABPSAu Bo-Pics
ADP1Élevage Aux Pics Doux
APHCAux Poils Hérissés
CQSCCurious Quills Hedgehogs
EFCHElevage Familial Chez Herixelle
LAHLa hérissonnière de Montréal
LAHELes herissonnere
LAHHLes Amis Hérissons
LDDHElevage La Dynastie Des Herissons
LHPKLes Herrisons Pikathou
LPEHLes Petits Erizo
LRDHLe Royaume des Herrisons
OOALOut on a Limb Exotics
PCHAPeace County Hedgehogs
PCHHPincushion Hedgehogs
QLKBQuill Lovers
STHHSweet Treats Hedgehogs
SVHHSV Hedgehogs
THHVHedgehog Ville
ABMGAbby Menagerie
AEAAshley's Animals
AFHHAb Fabs Happy Hogs
AGHPoooh's Hedgehogs
AHHFHedgehogs by Hood Petz
AHHHAlmost Heaven Hedgehogs
AKHHTerrapin Hedgehogs
ALDThe Dunn Bunch
ALHAlabama Hedgehogs
AMGPoooh's Hedgehogs
AMHHAmora's Array
APHApril's Hedgie Herd
APPHAddie's Prickle Patch
AQHHAchilles Hedgehogs
AREXArkansas Exotics
ATQHTranquill Hedgies
BAHBlue Agave Exotics formerly Blue Agave Hedgehogs
BBEBumble Bee Hedgies
BBHBlizzard Baby Hedgehogs
BBSNBybee Basin Hedgehogs
BFFBig Feather Farms
BJHHJo's Huggable Hedgies
BPFBobbies Pets
BPHBriar Patch Hedgehogs
BQHHBlissful Quills Hedgehogs
BREEBlue Rose Exotics
CACHCaptive Creations Hedgehogs
CAHHCupids Arrow Hedgehogs
CBSHC&B Sweet Hedgehugs
CCBHCoastal Breeze Hedgehogs
CCCHCape Code Hedgehogs
CCHCritter Crazy Hedgehogs
CFECactus Flower Exotics
CFHHCrawford's Florida Hedgehogs
CHAKCentennial Hedgehogs
CHECastle Hedgehog
CMMMMcIntire's Mini Mansion
CMTHClements Exotics
CPNQClaws, Paws, & Quills
CQHColorful Quills
CQHHCaitlin's Quills Hedgehogs
CQKCutie Quills
CQLSCactus Quills Hedgehogs
CRITCritter Creations Pet Shop
CRQHCarolina Quillery
CRWMCrosswinds Mischief
CSGHCarolina Sugar Gliders
CSHCarolina Storm Hedgehogs
CSHHCanyon State Hedgehogs
DAHDandelion Acres Hedgehogs
DKGHDKG Pokey Hogs
DKQHDallas Kay's Quills
EDGEEdge Cut Hedgehogs
EFHHEcho Falls Hedgehogs
EHHEternal Hedgehogs
EHHHEllie's Happy Hedgehogs
EMPPEm's Pokey Pinto Hedgehogs
EPPPrickly Paws Hedgehogs
FASFeathers and Spikes
FHHHFairhaven Hedgehogs
FNQSFur and Quills
FRVHForever Hedgehugs
GEEEEmison Exotics
GMQBGreen Mountain Quillbusters
GOLDHeart of Gold Hedgehogs
GQHMGunner's Quills Hedgehogs
GSHHGranite State Hedgehogs
HALBHog and Lotl Breeder
HARTHappy-Heart Hedgies
HBHHHillBilly Hedgehogs
HBQQHedgehogs by Quillaby
HBRHuber Hogs and Peek a Boo Hogletry
HFHHHedgehog Falls
HHAAHedgie Hallow Alaska
HHHHHog Heaven Hedgehogs
HHHQHedgehog Headquarters
HHKYHolly's Hobbies & Hogs
HHOHHedgehogs of the Hills
HHRYHenry's Hedgehog Haven
HINAHinata Hedgehogs
HITPHedgehogs in the Pines
HKSTHuckstar Hedgehogs
HNDHand’s Hedgehog
HOTHHedgies of the Heartland
HPAAHogs & Paws
HQHHHarleyQuill's House of Hedgehogs
HRYHenry’s Hedgehog Haven
HTHHHawthorne Hedgehogs
HUGAHuggable Hedgies Hedgehogs
HUHHurricane Hedgehogs
JAMMHufflepuffs Hedgehogs
JJHHJoJo's Hedgies
JLPHJamie's Hedgehogs
JNEHJill's New England Hedgehogs
JQHOJadie's Quality Hedgehogs of Ohio
KKREKat's Exotics
KLSCHeart of Ohio Hedgehogs
KMKFKetchum Farms
KQHHKelly's Quills Hedgehogs
LAHRLiberty Acres Hedgehog Ranch
LEPHLotus Exotic Pets Hedgehogs
LHHBLittle Hedgehog Burrow
LMDHLa Maison Des Hérissons
LSPPLone Star Prickly Pals
MASSMassive Hedgehog Patch
MBBEMarie's Bunny Barn & Exotics
MCHMotor City Hedgehogs
MEJDMayhem Exotics
MHGHMile High Gliders and Hedgehogs
MMCEMeraki Misfits
MMFMillermeade Farms Critter Connection
MOONMidnight Moon Exotics
MPPSMaple's Prickle Patch
MQHHMagnolia Quills Hedgehog Herd
MSKHHartley Hedgehogs & Tenrecs
MSQWMichelle's Suggies & Quills
MSTHMorning Star Hedgehogs
NANANana's Hedgies
NBHHNoodle Back Hedgehogs
NDWKNeedlework Hedgehogs
NHHHNerdy Hail's Hedgehogs
NIHHNorthern Indiana Hedgehogs
NOCCO'Neil's Crazy Critters
NPHHNorthern Plains Hedgehogs
OKIEOMHOkie Pokey Hogs
OUAQOnce Upon A Quill
PFHSPrickle Farms Hedgehogs
PHOMPinkies Hedgehogs of Michigan
PMHHPokey Mom's Hedgehogs
PNCKPaws N Claws
PNHHPins and Needles Hedgehogs
PNPSPeeps N Paws Hedgehogs
PNWHPacific Northwest Hedgies
POHOPeach Orchard Hedgehogs
PPAZPrickly Parents Hedgehogs
PPCMPitter Patter Critters
PPHHPrickly Palace Hedgehogs in Ohio
PPHSPrickly Potato Hedgehogs
PPJCPrickly Pet
PRPKPrickle Pack
QBHHQuill Berry Hedgehogs
QBHSQuilly Bays Hedgehogs
QCHHQueen City Hedgehogs
QLMWQuill Meadows
QSHHQuill Shire Hedgehogs
QVHTQuill Valley Hedgehogs & Tenrecs
RBHHRob's Hedgehogs
RCHHRose City Hedgehogs
RITZRitzy Sugar Glider Babies, Hedgies & Toys
RMHHRocky Mountain Hedgies
RTHHRocky Top Hedgehogs
RVHHRed Velvet Hedgehogs
SAHSSarah's Andorian Hedgehogs
SASHSweet and Spikey Hedgehogs
SBHHSkye Bird Hedgehogs
SDHHSonoran Desert Hedgehogs
SFHHSmart Family Hedgehogs
SHGCSky High Geckos
SHMDStellar Hedgies
SPHHSweetie Pie Hedgehogs
SRHHShamrock Hedgehogs
SRSSSugar and Spice Hedgies
SSHSSir Snuffy's Hedgehog Sanctuary
SSSPShawneeland Suggies & Spikes
SWEHSorrow Whisper Exotics
TAHHThe Alternative Hedgehog
TNHMTop Notch Hedgehogs of Miami
TQHHTop Quality Hedgehogs
VFWHWonderland Hedgehogs
VOHSValley Oasis Hedgehogs
VTSHValley of the Sun Hedgehogs
WDSPWiltsey's Diamond State Pets
WFHHWild for Hedgehogs
WWCFWhippoorwill Creek Farm
ZTHHZootown Hedgehogs
HIGHHighland Hedgies
ADP2Élevage Aux Pics Doux
AECElevage Apic Et Compagine
AISL'Arche D'isabelle
AUXAux Petites Pattes
BEDÉlevage de Bedford
BPHRBaby Prickles Hedgehogs
CCPChez Pattes Piks
CECCapinding Century Exotics
CLHCherrison Hedgehogs
CPPChez Pat Pik
CQCSCurious Quills Hedgehogs
DKHDemokrapik Hedgehogs
EABElevage Abitipic
EAHHElevage Amour Herrison
EASElevage Les Amy de Soni
EBDPElevage Boule de Passion
EBLEcho Bloodlines Hedgehogs
EBPElevage Boules De Pics
ECAPElevage Coeur a Pic
ECPElevage Coeur Piquant
EDDPElevage herrisons la dame des piques
EDHL'Envol Du Herisson
EDPElevage La Dame De Pics
EEAElevage Epic Atout
EEDAEpine d'amour
EEPElevage Epinette Et Perce-Niege
EESElevage Ericius
EFCHElevage Familial Chez Herixelle
EFCSElevage Familial Chez Shaymin
EHDMElevage Herrison Montreal
EHGHElevage Herisson Gatineau Hedgehog
EHLElevage D'Herissons Lepine
EHMHElevage Herissons Monteregie Hedgehogs
EKCKC Exotics
EKGElevage KG
EKGHElevage KG Herisson
ELAHElevage L'Aventure Herrisonne
ELDPElevage le Doux Picant
ELEVElevage herisson du coeur
ELGL'Elevage Les Anges Gardiens
ELHElevage Hedgies
ELKElevage Kipic
ELLElevage Lady Pics
ELPElevage Lucky Pics
ELPPElevage Les Pics Pics
ELTElevage Tropique
EMCElevage Mon Chou
EMHEmilie et ses Herissons
EPABElevage Pic-a-Boule
EPBElevage Pics En Boule
EPLElevage Pic-Ouille
EPOElevage Picasso
EPPElevage Petit Pics
EPPAElevage petites pelotes d'aiguilles
EPTElevage Herisson Pic A Tout
EREElevage Rose & Epines
ERE2Elevage Sweet Temptation
ESPElevage Sassypic
ESTElevage Sweet Temptation
EUAHElevage un amour herisse
HDCLes Herissons De Copelia
HEPElevage Passion Herisson
HERIHerisson Montreal Hedgehog
HETHerrison Elevage Typique
HHCHeavenly Hedgehogs Canada
HHHOHappy Hedgehogs Ontario
HHSIHedgehog's Island
HHWHedgehog Whisperer's
HMMHerissons M&M
HNHHedgies & Hoglets
HNRHerissons Nathalie Rondeau
HPAHerissonniere Pics-Atout
HPALLes Herissons de Pic and Love
HPHHodgePig Hedgehogs
HPHHHodgepodge Hedgehogs
HPMLes Herissons Aux Pays Des Meverilles
HPPElevage PikPik
HPYHappy Hedgehogs
HRDHerissons Doupic
HSPHeri Sopy Herrissopy
JAHLe Jardin Aux Herissons
JCRJennifer Crashley Hedgehogs
LADPLes Amis de Picatchu
LDHL'arc En Ciel Des Herisson
LEPHLotus Exotic Pets Hedgehogs
LHALes Herissons d'Andromeda
LHELes Hersissons De L Eden
LHHLily's Hogs Hedgehogs
LHMLa Herissonniere de la Mauricie
LHPKLes Herrisons Pikathou
LMCLes Mignons Choupissons
LMDHLa Maison Des Hérissons
LPEHLes Petits Erizo
LPLLa Petite Luciole
LRDHLe Royaume des Herrisons
MAGMaxine Gallant Hedgehogs
MNHMignon Petit Herrison
NEPNiagara Exotic Pets
OOALOut on a Limb Exotics
PCAHPeace County Hedgehogs
PCHHPincushion Hedgehogs
PEPPlumes Epinettes Et Piols D Api
PGHPrickles and Giggles Hedgehogs
PLAPrickly Lil Angel
PPCPics Plumes et Cie
QLKBQuill Lovers
QNTNicole Sparshu's Hedgehogs
RAHRay Harding Hedgehogs
ROSPaulette Boston Hedgehogs
RRERed River Exotics
SCHScotian Hedgies
STHHSweet Treats Hedgehogs
SVHHSV Hedgehogs
THDThe Hedgie Den
THEThe Hedgehog Emporium
THHVHedgehog Ville
THVHedgehog Ville
VTDVetapic Hedgehogs
XEPTElevage Rose & Epines
ABMGAbby Menagerie
ADHAnne Dray Hedgehogs
AEAAshley's Animals
AEHAmber's Exotic Hedgehogs
AFHHAb Fabs Happy Hogs
AGHPoooh's Hedgehogs
AHBAdorable Hedgehogs
AHHFHedgehogs by Hood Petz
AHHHAlmost Heaven Hedgehogs
AKHHTerrapin Hedgehogs
ALDThe Dunn Bunch
ALHAlabama Hedgehogs
AMGPoooh's Hedgehogs
AMHHAmora's Array
APHApril's Hedgie Herd
APPHAddie's Prickle Patch
AQHHAchilles Hedgehogs
AREXArkansas Exotics
ATQHTranquill Hedgies
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