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      Judith Bos

      When making a new topic to put any product or hedgehog for sale or wanted, please hold on to these regulations. These allow us as a platform to maintain functional and help to prevent fraud and scams.

      1. Do not put your address in a topic, people might harass you and your address will forever be out on the internet. Safety first, please don’t do this.
      2. Mention the area you live in, so people can see if you are anywhere near.
      3. Do not share your mobile phone, bank account numbers, pincodes or other valuable personal information that people can misuse and profit from.
      4. Make clear arrangements about any pick-ups and bring-ins. If you don’t feel safe arranging in your home, do it somewhere public but make sure the other party knows where this place is.
      5. Make arrangements about the costs for both parties before making any arrangements about pick-ups and bring-ins, also when these costs need to be paid.
      6. Be civil and have respect. Anyone who puts another person in danger over their love for these animals will be permanently banned from the forum as well as the entire registry. No-tolerance policy.
      7. If you detect any animal harm, neglect or mistreatment, please call the authorities. The registry can ban people, but we are not capable to handle legal matters.

      When making an advertisement please mention: your living area (f.e.: Colorado, USA), what you are selling or wanting to buy, the costs and any other additional information. In case of an animal, please also add if the animal is pedigreed, its age and any other additional information that might be useful.  You can also add in links to refer directly to a registered pedigree on the website.

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