After a short closure of the registry, i am very excited to tell you all that the registry is back to business! I’ve improved some issues with the calculators in the Premium section and also had a major amount of time to get to work on publishing the pedigree pages of the background animals. This will take a few more weeks to complete however, so bear with me as i go through the entire database to make this happen!

New pedigrees and litters are due to be published within 2 weeks as per usual though, so no worries about submitting any new pedigrees!


I’ve also had time to finish writing the African Pygmy Hedgehog color guide, which is now available in the News & Support section. Here you’ll find a page filled with a pictures and a description of each color as well as the genetic code and EMS code. If you’re curious about how to work with genetics, there’s also a link to the genetics course of The Hedgehog Program and to the more elaborate color guide there. The color guide on The Hedgehog Program however is still in progress and due to be officially published in the next month.

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