Herd name & initials

In most registries around the world, initials are used to identify the breeder and the owner of an animal. There are a few registries still using solely the herd name for this, but most have stepped towards using initials.

When you start breeding, having a herd name is important to be recognizable. It’s a way of identifying your goals, your breeding practise and yourself as a breeder. And while this is an important step towards becoming an ethical breeder, it’s merely one of the steps that you might need to take, along with getting pedigreed animals. Whether this is for tenrecs or hedgehogs, the needed steps are the same.

When applying for our registry, you will be given initials by us if you haven’t already registered them with another registry before. These initials often times are an abbreviation of your herd name or certain letters that your herd name is made out of, depending on the initials that are still available. You cannot choose your own initials as we cannot register double initials.

Initials are use to point out if an animal is bred by a particular breeder or owned by a particular breeder. For example: AAA Loki. The names name is Loki, but the breeder’s initials are AAA. Therefore we know that the breeder behind the initials AAA is the breder of Loki. But if Loki is not bred by breeder AAA, but by breeder BBB, Loki’s pedigreename would become BBB Loki AAA. Now we know that the breeder behind the initials BBB is the breeder of Loki, but Loki is owned by the breeder behind the initials AAA. And if breeder AAA would sell Loki to another breeder after one or two litters, his pedigreename would become BBB Loki AAA-CCC. And this can go on for a while until Loki doesn’t get rehomed anymore.

You can use the World Initials Database to determine which breeder is behind which initials. And if you have a hard but don’t have initials yet, you can use this form to apply for initials.

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