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To register with The Hedgehog Program you don’t need to hold on to extreme rules and regulations to be a registrant. Simply because we don’t value ourselves as your usual registry. There are so many breeders with so many different point of view that it’s impossible to keep track of everything. For that reason we have chosen to only make breeding standards about the basic principles of breeding pet hedgehogs and a set of regulations to keep things friendly.

Why THPR and not another registry?

Because we don’t organise events or shows and are not your typical registration, we can understand why you would want to register with another registry or use our platform on top of the registry you are used to. You can even register with another registry and still have the perks of any other registrant on our platform. If your club or registry collaborates with us, you’ll still have access to restricted platforms that aren’t available for others. Because we believe collaborating is a much better way to improve animal welfare, than trying to compete. And fortunately, a lot of registries and clubs think the same way!

How do i become a registrant on THP?

Easy! We want registering hedgehogs as easy as can be, so we will do most of the work for you! Just follow these few simple steps so you will be prepared for the journey.

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