Registry is back online!

After two days of intensive change, the registry is back up and running again! There have been a few changes, the overal look of the website being the main one, but there are more changes which we’ll sum up below.

Menu restrictions

We’ve inserted menu restrictions per group, which means, the menu changes along with your membership status. If you’re not logged in, you will only be able to see the basic informational pages about the registry and the World Initials Database. You will also see the apply for initials form and the login button. As a regular member, you’ll be able to see the standard menu plus the community tab, databases and submission forms and a button for to Go Pro. As a Premium Member you will see the same as a regular member, but with the Premium tab and underlaying pages. This restriction prevents users from using the wrong submission forms.

Submission forms

We’ve changes the submission forms and left on the website are two submission forms for registering a litter or registering a hedgehog. For regular members, these are paid forms. For Premium Members, these submission forms are free to use unlimitedly as part of the subscription. The option to register a database along with your initials are deleted as it brought confusion, since databases itself are free and made upon registering initials, but the form opted to upload your pedigrees whilst registering initials and getting a database. You will still get a free database upon registering your initials, so you can register your hedgehogs to that database.

World Initials Database

The World Initials database used to be devided into tabs per region, but instead it will now be one big table of names, initials, countries and regions along with notes where neccesary. When searching for initials, you can filter on these columns and find the breeder of a certain hedgehog more easily.


To make up for the temporarily unavailability, we’re doing a flash sale, giving you the option to register your hedgehogs for €1,00 instead of €1,50 and register ing litters for €2,00 instead of €2,50. A 12 month Premium subscription will temporarily be €25,00 instead of €30,00. This Flash sale ends Sunday 12th of july at 23:59 pm UTC+1.