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Testing phase of the registry

As you are currently reading through the website, the registry is still under a testing phase. You can become a regular member, but you will not be accepted as a registrar unless you are in the testing group. Unfortunately, applications for that group are currently closed.

Member perks

As a user without being logged in, you will be able to visit most pages on the website that hold information about the registry itself. However, you will not be able to see the breeder information pages or the pages with available hedgehogs, studs or rehomers. This is because of the possible sensitive information found on these pages. Despite being as transparant as possible, we still value the privacy of our members & registrars. Becoming a member will give you the rights to see those pages. But aside from that, we do have a few other perks as well!

  • Creating your own profile and maintaining a blog.
  • Reporting information on your bought hedgehog or requesting previous information, using the registration number or their name.
  • A hedgehog’s life long guidance from THPR.
  • Giving your breeder/the rescue more insight on how their hedgehogs are doing outside of their care.
  • Make friends with other members and send them private messages.

Registrar/rescue perks

As a registrar or rescue in the testing phase, you will be able to enjoy the perks of the new international registry rightaway! But even if you’re not yet a registrar or rescue, you can find these perks later when the registry airs:

  • Have your own personal database with registered hedgehogs, available anytime!
  • Let us keep track of all the important documents and information by reporting information.
  • Request information on your hedgehogs, including the hedgehogs that have moved out of your care to a pet owner!
  • Apply hedgehogs to the page of available hedgehogs, as a stud or a rehomer, so you have just that bit of extra chance to let them move out to a good home. Only registered members, other registrars and rescues have permission to read those pages.

Our three key words

THP Registry holds on to its key words: equality, transparancy and flexibility. We have no approved breeders list and all breeders, rescues and members are equal. We do value our members privacy, but we also want our member to feel safe to contact us for help and let our registrars and rescues be able to keep track of hedgehogs that have moved out of their care. We won’t always update a registrar or breeder with every health issue that rises, but when it can be helpful to know to improve their lineages, we might. A breeder or rescue however can always request the information when they want to. This can also be very helpful when a breeder/rescue and a new owner have gotten into a fight and dont have close contact. An owner can always work through us instead of directly confront the breeder/rescue and the same works the other way around, ofcourse! You see, even when you personally see eye to eye, you can still be there when needed. And we’ll decide if it would be neccesary to get in touch with the other party. We’re flexible like that!

Help us out!

On a more serious note, we want to point out that making and maintaining the website of both the registry and the main website of The Hedgehog Program are very costly. So we want to point out you can always help us out a bit if you feel like it! All donations will be used for costs related to The Hedgehog Program or THP Registry and all donators will be listed on the main website of The Hedgehog Program as a small “thank you”. Bigger donators (€100,00 and more) will be gifted a free book upon the release of the book that is expected in 2019!

Go Fund Me!

More news will be posted in the future!

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