The registry is temporarily unavailable

Due to a drastic change to the look and the experience of the website, the registry is temporarily unavailable until Wednesday July 8th, 2020 at 12pm UTC+1.

The new look is made to be able to use a blog on the front page, seperate from the pedigree database. The menu will change as well. We are inserting menu restrictions so regular members can’t see the content meant for Premium Members and vice versa. This way you can never be mistaken in which submission forms to use. We also changed the submission forms themselves, so we have two forms left. One for registering hedgehogs, one to register litters. You can only register a litter when the parents are already in the system. If the parents are not in the system yet, please register them prior to registering the litter.

A new blog post with all of the changes will be posted when the website is ready!