THP Registry is stopping!

Hi everyone,

As you might have read on our business page and the Facebook group, THP Registry is permanently ending its service as a global registry and will cease to exist. This is due to multiple reasons including financial reasons, but the most prominent reason being the drama revolving the registry. Over the years i have done everything, gone above and beyond for people to educate them, advice them and help them on various subjects. As my reputation increased as an independent researcher, unfortunately, so did the drama. As a human being running the registry on my own, i can carry that weight for a while, but not for an extremely long period of time.

The drama and the financial strain have put a strain on me as a person, but also on my relationship and my motivation to work. Above anything, i want to continue doing the work for the good of the hedgehogs and educate people about the things i find out and with the drama begin mainly due to the registry, i have come to the conclusion that ending THP Registry is a wise decision in an effort to continue the rest of the platform as The Hedgehog Program from now on.

Knowing that a lot of breeders come from areas where there is no registry active, for example South Africa, i will continue to give guidance on how to properly manage your own pedigrees, providing resources to pedigree software. I will write a full article about available software programs, how to properly manage pedigrees, how to plan litters using COI and AVK and much, much more that goes into a proper breeding management. This article will be published on my main website The Hedgehog Program, within the Hedgehog Wiki that i’m still building.

The current submissions will still be processed, but the submission forms will be closed for any future submission. You will receive papers as soon as possible while i arrange the financial and business side of stopping the registry.

The reason why i do not ask for someone to take over is simple: nobody in their right mind would be able to handle the negative verbal abuse i have experienced in the last two years roughly, and i do not want people to even try, because it’s just not worth it. Let this be a warning to the entire breeding community, especially those who have said negative things about the registry: As long as you refuse to learn from someone who has put in all of their time, you will never be able to improve the species. You’re likely breeding for the wrong reasons and the reason you can continue, is because the good ones are being pushed aside. rethink your breeding if this even slightly applies to you, please. The health of the breeding pool has been declining for years, with APH’s becoming up to 8 years with ease back in the 90’s and today you can be glad if they even reach the age of 4. If that doesn’t say plenty then i don’t know what does.

I know this statement will probably cause more drama, but someone needs to say it and if i’m already being verbally abused i have no reason to stay silent about the declining mentality of the majority of breeders nowadays. If you feel attacked by this, think about why. Because there’s a reason for that thought.

The Hedgehog Program will continue to exist, just not the registry. I am deeply sorry for the part of the community that puts in their love, time and effort into actively bettering the species and being an example for their fellow countrymen in places where breeding management isn’t as prominent and obviously accepted. For you i will always be available for guidance and advice, even if we don’t always see eye to eye.

With great love,