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Visit www.egyptbottomfarm/ for all of the latest news, pairings, or to join our waitlist! 

Africký pygmy ježko v kocke
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Hedgery of the High Moors is no more!
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Litter S
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Exciting birth of litter S from ori and major ❤️

Litter R
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Really quite enamoured with this litter, cherry and major are definitely a winning match. Cherry’s a very protective mother. Rio and Ryder the 2 split faces are reserved but Rampage the Ruby eyed grey pinto and riot the leu are both still available (both male) 

Litter Q
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So litter Q are doing fantastically, uno is an amazing mother and they are very fat and healthy, both are very clearly fabs’ babies as both ever so dark and solid in colour. Both hoglets are reserved to fantastic homes 

November 2018 2nd pairing
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Ouchmouse house will be pairing eclipse to echo this month in hopes of Christmas babies available in the new year!

November 2018 pairing
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Ouchmouse house is pairing uno and fabian together this month, hopes for Christmas babies that will be available in the new year!

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My name is Judith, i am the owner of The Hedgehog Program, THPR and Hedgery of the High Moors. Started as a hobbyist trying to educate a few peope in my own country, but it has grown out massively over the past years and i hope that it will continue to do so! I will regularly update you all about my litters, my herd and other things that keep my busy within the hog community. […]