THP Registry is a global registry for hedgehogs and tenrecs to track pedigrees and other important lineage information. Due to the platform being global and partially open source, you have the ability to not only see your own animals, but only see the animals in the entire background and all of their information.

Pedigree registration

The registry allows you to manually add a pedigree or upload an existing pedigree made by another registry. We check the information on the pedigree and where needed, edit the information before adding the pedigree online. It might take up to 14 days to make pedigrees visible online due to verification of certain information.

Tracking services

After registering your hedgehogs, you can track their information by filling out the forms underneath every pedigree. Here you can add weights, health checks, show results and much more! We are always looking for options to add to give you the absolute best experience while tracking your lineage.

Genetic guidance

Hedgehog genetics are hardly ever understood and learning to calculate with genetics can be very hard to learn and master. That is why we also provide the service to do these calculations for you. This way you always know which colors to expect and how much COI, AVK, PC and ECG their hoglets will have. Everything to help you make the best decision!

THP Registry is part of The Hedgehog Program and is from the same owner, Judith Bos from The Netherlands. In the very early days, this website used to be the Dutch ‘Witbuikegel Wiki’, a website with only the very basic care and information on African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the Dutch language. Over time more information was added and the website started to grow and gain foreign interest. There was also a forum called ‘Witbuikegel Forum’, which was linked to this website.

In the year 2015, it was decided to translate the wiki website into English with a translator built in, so Dutch people could still read it in their own language. The website started to grow fast with foreign interest and over these years the website had been translated into other lagnuages inclusing Spanish, Italian, Danish, German, Dutch and a few others. But the website grew too big to manage it in all languages offered, so the other languages were deleted and only the English language stayed. However, a new interactive translation plug-in was implemented into the website so it could be read in any language possible. This trait is still present now. With this decision, the rebranding began and the website became The Hedgehog Program in 2018.

Researches towards color inheritance began in the year 2014, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the first summary sheets of this research became published on Academia. With the help of the community sending in pedigrees and information on born litters, more than 3000 pedigrees were collected over these years.

In 2018, after the rebranding, the research towards color inheritance was half done. meaning the dark eyed colors possible at this time were all discovered and published in summary sheets on Academia. The researches towards pink eyed colors began, as well as the microscopic researches into quill pigmentation and structure was started. A new registry with a worldwide goal to manage pedigrees and information like a global database was set-up and in 2019 a database website for the research information was created.

How to become a registrant & register pedigrees

Step 1:

Register an account.

Step 2:

Apply for initials.

Step 3:

Register your hedgehogs.

Step 4:

Check their data in our Zooeasy Online database.

Step 5:

Register your litters.

Why do we use ads?

THP Registry is a free-4-all registration platform per request of our members. To aid in the expenses brought up by maintaining the registry, we use ads to create a minimal income to be able to upkeep the registry. That is why you see ads on our website throughout, as our services and tools are completely free to use.